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Henry Rohde returns to the German province of Schleswig-Holstein from New York. Having lost his modest investment in the American stock market on Black Friday (25 October 1929), he is at least able to provide for his family by working as a tram driver.


Henry Rohde opens one of the first fuel stations in Schleswig-Holstein and starts dealing in cars from the USA.


During World War II any car trade with the US is severely restricted.


  • Henry Rohde dies in a car accident, whereupon his son-in-law, Joachim G. Schreiner, gives up his dental training and joins the company. Foundation of J.G. Schreiner GmbH & Co. KG in Quickborn, Schleswig-Holstein.
  • Foundation of J.G. Schreiner GmbH & Co. KG in Quickborn, Schleswig-Holstein.


  • In addition to its upgraded fuel station, the company starts a mineral oil wholesale trade.
  • Some supplies are imported from Amsterdam.


  • Following the first oil crisis, the Schreiner family decides to set up a freight forwarding company as a second source of income.


  • Foundation of J.G. Schreiner GmbH Quickborn as an international freight forwarding company
  • Schreiner’s sons Jens and Olaf join the company.


  • Branch office opened in the Free Port of Hamburg. Company starts to specialise in container shipping.


  • The parent company in Quickborn moves from Kieler Strasse to the industrial estate in Max-Weber-Strasse. The company builds an office and workshop as well as a handling terminal in Quickborn.


  • Development of national general cargo and part-load business.


  • The company acquires Krohn & Schröder GmbH & Co. KG, a cargo warehousing and handling company in the Free Port of Hamburg.


  • A new warehouse and administrative office are opened in Ellerholzweg (Wilhelmsburg) with approx. 5,000 sqm storage space.
  • The company acquires Erich Rohde KG, with its scheduled shipping services between Hamburg and Mannheim.


  • CDN Container Depot Nürnberg GmbH opens in Fürth


  • The company moves from Ellerholzweg to its own new logistics terminal in Finkenwerder Weg, with a capacity for 10,000 pallets and 1,200 sqm of office space.
  • CDN Container Depot Nürnberg GmbH, one of the first container logistics companies, moves to the Nuremberg harbour, into a 20,000 sqm trading estate with quayside facilities and railway sidings.


  • IGS Schreiner GmbH opens another site in Bremerhaven.


  • The company is renamed IGS Schreiner GmbH, Intelligent Goods Services.
  • Foundation of IGS Schreiner Polska Sp.z.o.o., in Warsaw, Poland.


  • Partnership agreement with DiALOG System-Verkehre, Frankfurt, for the nationwide and European-wide distribution of branded products.
  • J.G.Schreiner GmbH & Co. KG enters into a contractual partnership with SCANIA in Quickborn.
  • Foundation of LOG-IN Fashion Logistic GmbH, Hamburg.
  • Development and expansion of first bimodal container block train system between Germany’s northern seaports and Nuremberg.


  • Construction and opening of logistics terminal building in Afrikastrasse in the Free Port of Hamburg.
  • Foundation of IGS Paraffin Logistics GmbH, Hamburg.
  • Schreiner becomes a partner of Kooperation mittelständischer Spediteure CTL Cargo Trans Logistik AG (a co-operative venture of medium-sized forwarding agents CTL Cargo Trans Logistik AG) in Homberg, Hesse, which now has 110 members in Germany.
  • Expansion of a daily block train system between Bremerhaven and Nuremberg (CDN-BoxXpress).
  • Opening of a logistics terminal in Quickborn with space for 3,000 Euro pallets.



  • Foundation of IGS Logistics Group Holding GmbH, Hamburg.
  • IGS Schreiner Polska Sp.z.o.o. sets up a further site in Szczecin, Poland.
  • Foundation of Texlo I.T. Solutions GmbH, Hamburg.


  • Foundation of CLM Container Logistics München GmbH, Munich.
  • Construction and opening of new warehouse section in Finkenwerder Weg, increasing the storage capacity to 15,000 sqm.


  • CDN Container Depot Nürnberg GmbH becomes a founding member of TriCon Container-Terminal GmbH in Nuremberg.
  • CDN Container Depot Nürnberg GmbH opens a further trimodal site in Regensburg, in addition to the Nuremberg site.


  • Foundation of IGS Intermodal Container Logistics GmbH.


  • The department for European overland transport moves to the logistics terminal "Am Genter Ufer".
  • The terminal has 4 halls with 20 loading and unloading bays and has a capacity for approx. 12,000 Euro pallets.




  • CDN Container Depot Nürnberg GmbH moves from Antwerpener Strasse to a new and bigger site in Hamburger Strasse.
  • IGS Schreiner GmbH becomes a partner of ONLINE Systemlogistik für Spedition & Service GmbH, Paderborn, one of Europe’s leading cooperations of medium-sized, owner-managed logistics companies.


  • IGS Schreiner Polska Sp.z.o.o. opens a new site in Gdynia, Poland.
  • Foundation of zigsXpress.
  • Opening of logistics terminal at Finkenwerder Weg 6 with space for 8,000 Euro pallets.
  • Successful certification under ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment) and HACCP (Hygiene).


  • CDN Container Depot Nürnberg GmbH and the bayernhafen Group set up a new company, TCA Trimodales Containerterminal Aschaffenburg GmbH in Aschaffenburg.


  • Construction work starts on IGS logistics terminal at Vollhöfner Weiden.
  • Foundation of IGS Schreiner Austria Ges.m.b.H. In Frauendorf near Vienna, Austria.


  • Construction and opening of IGS logistics terminal Vollhöfner Weiden.



  • January: Foundation of the railway operating company HBC Hanseatisches Bahn Contor GmbH.


  • Foundation of IGS Container Logistics Nederland B.V. in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
  • Foundation of CLS Container Logistics Schweinfurt GmbH in Schweinfurt.


  • The Group acquires a share in Kombi-Terminal Heilbronn GmbH in Heilbronn.


  • Expansion of the container terminal of CDN Container Depot Nürnberg GmbH by 30,000 sqm
  • Extension and expansion of the container terminal operated by CTR Container Terminal Regensburg GmbH, to be completed in 2021.
  • Hybrid locomotives are commissioned  at Hamburg Harbour by HBC Hanseatisches Bahn Contor GmbH.
  • The Group joins the New Silk Road Network (NSRN), comprising a variety of logistics companies seeking to implement end-to-end land-based rail solutions to and from China.


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